About Us


VETEA India is an Indian Subsidiary of Vocational Education, Training and Employment Australia Limited providing education, training, employment and skills development services.

VETEA  India provides a full career life circle, from school, progressing through vocational education and training into a career or direct to higher education, you can then access employment opportunities and ongoing skills development. It’s the pathway to every stage of your future career.

VETEA India is gearing towards the globalisation of vocational education with the Australian standards as its arms. We embrace the fact that the Australian vocational system has to be shared to the rest of the world, as it has proven its worth and effectiveness in various industries by producing a skilled workforce.

VETEA India is uniquely positioned to support students and employers around the world in achieving their career, organisational and commercial goals.

  • Our Vision
  • To be the global leader in Education, Training, Employment and Skills Development.
  • Our Mission
  • To develop capable and productive individuals and workforce. To create opportunities that support every step of your career life circle.To provide exceptional services, innovative products and inspiring experiences

  • Our Values
  • Professionalism, caring, integrity, teamwork and innovation

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