Art of Parenting Workshop

Art of Parenting Program is specially Design for Parents. The session explores the purpose of parenting. Parents realize the unlimited potential of their child and are provided with implementable strategies and means to nurturing this potential.

All children are unique in the way they process information and learn things from their parents. There are no weak or untalented children. They are just children and each of them are born for a unique purpose. Educate yourself to educate your child. Parenting is not advising, not ordering, not doing things for your kid, not forcing. Your education books did not teach your child psychology, that’s why you respond the same way your parents did. No one taught your parents, child psychology… Someone needs to break this chain & upgrade with time because new generation children are more advanced than ever. Parents have a huge part to play in understanding & supporting their children’s emotional & social needs. Packed with expert advice, key strategies & examples of positive parenting,


Topics  of Parenting Program :
  • Understand Child Psychology
  • 3 Basic Rules
  • Five T Factors
  • Career Planning
  • Golden Points for Parenting
  • Mind Programming
  • Parents Meditation
  • Our mistakes while handling child’s mistakes
  • How to balance your personal & Professional life?
Benefits of Parenting Program :
  • Your child will be able to choose the right career with your support
  • Better Culture Values and better upbringing in children.
  • Externalize the creativity and infinite power that is in a child.
  • Your child can be life-long addiction-free.
  • Anger and stubbornness in children will decrease. And they will become confident.
  • The child will maintain his dignity and respect his elders.
  • The generation gap between the child and the parent will decrease.
  • Your child will give less time to TV/Mobiles
  • Your child health will gradually improve.
  • They will be more inclined towards studies and will do homework themselves
  • Reduce “NO’s” By 80% and have a More Cooperative Child.
  • Choose the right school-college for your child.
  • How to resolve child’s problems effectively?
  • And many other benefits.
parenting program
Why Parenting Program?
  • What should parents do to make sure that their child has a healthy career?
  • How to give good Culture Values to children?
  • Do you want to make your child life-long addiction-free?
  • Is your child very angry and stubborn?
  • Is your child Feel Shy?
  • Does your child not respect the elders?
  • Your child spends more time on TV/Mobiles?
  • How to Choose a School for Children?
  • Does the child have difficulty in learning? Not interested in learning?
  • Does your child get sick with seasonal change? Does seasonal change affect your child’s health or does your child has weak immunity?
  • Not/less focus in studies?
  • Does your child spend a lot?

We give 100% Money back guarantee, If you do not like the workshop or you don’t learn anything or if You Not Satisfied 100% Money will be Refunded.

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