Transnational Education

Study Australian qualifications without leaving your home country

What is Transnational Education?

The general principal of transnational education (TNE) is to provide access for students to study towards a foreign qualification without leaving their home country, meaning that programs of education and providers can cross national and regional borders. In practice, there are many different delivery mechanisms for TNE programs such as validation, articulation, and franchising, independent provision via international branch campus or collaborative provision via joint or double qualifications. Some arrangements can involve multiple or overlapping modes of delivery.

Global Engagement

VETEA Global Engagement is committed to developing international partnerships and relationships by expanding and strengthening our global networks. We are recognised for responding to business, government agencies, educational institutes and other stakeholders seeking to design, customise and implement education, training and skills development programs, customised to clients’ needs.

VETEA’s international partnerships and relationships are aligned with our International Strategy and Implementation Plan.

Our international activities and projects align with the plan and address one or more of the follow strategies:

  • The development of strategic partnerships to enhance global engagement and delivery of high-quality delivery of Transnational Education (TNE)
  • Enhancing student satisfaction and academic success for VETEA students by integrating global perspectives
  • Promoting staff engagement in international activities
  • Continually striving to increase the global reach of Australian education, cement international relationships, and build economic growth from international activities

Our Services

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team provides customised services tailored to your requirements in the following areas:

International Partnerships

Corporate Solutions

Customised Training

Outbound Mobility Program

Partnering with VETEA

VETEA recognises the strength in developing effective partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, organisations or industry sectors, governments, ethnic and community groups to deliver its TNE programs.

Partnering options may include:

  • Full Program: Partner delivers full or partial qualifications or non-award courses or programs
  • Shared: VETEA organisation and partner organisation deliver partial programs
  • Onshore/Offshore: Program delivered partially by the partner organisation in their country and students undertake partial program to complete in Australia
  • Online: Program delivered by VETEA organisation online