Turn your experience, knowledge and skills into a FORMAL AUSTRALIAN QUALIFICATION

MySkills, a subsidiary of VETEA India, specialises in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Indian students to gain formal Australian qualifications.

We offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and skills assessment to individuals to transfer their skills, knowledge and experience to an Australian qualification. To achieve an Australian qualification through the RPL process, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have the required training, qualifications, skills and knowledge to meet the competencies for these units. If you are already doing these roles in your job, then don’t write off your skills, consider getting them recognised.

Speak to one of our assessors to get the ball rolling. You might be pleasantly surprised and save some money too.

We help choose the right qualification based on your work and life experience.

Benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Reduce time and cost to obtain a qualification
  • Be recognised and get promoted
  • Command a higher rate of pay
  • MySkills covers all industries

If you already have experience working in your field, you may be eligible to have your existing skills and knowledge recognised via our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment method. The RPL process ensures that if you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge in a business area, you will not have to repeat that study again, nor will you have to pay for that unit of competency.

Simple RPL Process

Step 1: Enrol at MySkills – Identify units for RPL

A MySkills RPL Assessor will be assigned to you. Your units of competency will be selected in consultation with you.

Step 2: Gather evidence for RPL

You will be provided with a Self-Evaluation Kit.

Your MySkills Assessor will advise you of the forms of evidence to include, these may be for example:

  • Third party letter
  • Photos & video
  • Q&A session
  • Position description

Step 3: Submit your application

Your MySkills Assessor will now review the evidence and complete the application. A competency conversation will apply. If GAP training is required, you will be notified.

Step 4: RPL outcome

MySkills can now:

  • Issue a qualification
  • Issue a Statement of Attainment
  • Advise of any GAP training required to complete

Why go through the RPL Process?

Re-enter the workforce

Establish a career path

Position yourself in a career of your choice

Commence a higher qualification at university via a pathway

Build on your résumé

Become recognised amongst your peers 
and employer

Did you know…

Australian qualifications are made up of a list of subjects that are called ‘units of competency’ and did you know that these units make up a qualification under the Australian Qualification Training Framework (AQTF).

Our qualified MySkills assessors review your skills and knowledge and assess your skills and knowledge against the requirements of the units of competency for a qualification.

Once you are deemed ‘competent’ in the units of competency for a qualification, you can be issued that qualification.

It’s simple!

Enquire today and complete a free skills review