Industry Engagement Program

Industry ‘owns’ the qualifications, skill sets and specific units of competency that Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) deliver. These are set through the industry developed Training Packages or accredited courses.

To issue certificates, each RTO aligns their training and assessment with national training package requirements and the needs and expectation of each industry sector.

At VETEA, we are passionate about our partnerships with numerous industry partners from both public and private sectors, using research collaboration, integrated learning opportunities, scholarships and funding. We build and maintain longitudinal strategic partnerships with industry including business, industry bodies, not-for-profit organisations and Government.

We know that to deliver to the needs of industry we must listen and understand. We drive the process of matching and commercially packaging VETEA’s innovations and expertise to address the needs of our industry.

VETEA assists companies with their organisational development needs by providing expertise in a range of areas including recruitment and selection. Training and skilling needs analysis, accredited training and professional development to improve productivity and organisational capability and culture.

VETEA’s industry engagement strategy provides a direct relationship between VETEA and the industry it serves to ensure outcomes of training and assessment add measurable value to each organisation.

VETEA’s strong industry links and wide networks will help our students and your employees, to develop skills, gain valuable experience and make contacts to boost their career opportunities and help them to start building networks for future employment or upskill in their current roles.

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