Australian Institute of Executive Education

Enabling Growth in Organisations and Individuals
Australian Institute of Executive Education (AIEE) is a specialised institute offering a wide range of open enrolment and customised programs designed for organisations, business professionals, managers, leaders, and executives from many different fields who strive for professional and personal growth. Programs are developed to help executives and organisations from both the private and the public sectors to achieve operational excellence and results.

Whether the goal is to create a standalone solution or fashion part of a complex talent development initiative, AIEE focuses on how individuals and organisations can transform themselves. We offer specific plans and pathways for professional growth and functional development for individuals and teams as well as broader strategies for enterprise-wide executive development efforts. AIEE provides an immersive learning experience, one that empowers senior executives to reflect, recharge, and reemerge as visionary leaders. Our programs offer the rare opportunity to step back from your daily responsibilities, reevaluate your career goals, and reset your direction. You will return to your company with fresh insights on your professional and personal strengths, strategies for taking your leadership skills to the next level, and a global network of peers whose challenges mirror your own.

Open Programs
Our versatile range of open enrolment programs comprise of over twenty programs for individuals covering the fundamental business management including leadership, strategy, general management, finance and accounting, marketing, people and management and professional service firm management.

They are designed to provide executives with a collaborative and stimulating environment for learning that adds value to their professional development. You can choose programs that extend your skills and understanding to achieve your organisational, personal development and career objectives.

These programs are designed for business professionals and leaders from organisations around the world seeking new perspectives and insights on key management issues.

AIEE offers comprehensive leadership programs that prepare you to target current issues and industry trends:

  • Business Operations
  • Business Ventures
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth and Innovation
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Globalisation
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Social Enterprise
  • Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Acumen
  • General Management

Customised Programs
Our AIEE business development team will add most value and respond quickly and effectively to a client’s needs. They get to know individuals and the organisation very well, offering a highly personalised and flexible service and building trust and understanding throughout the program journey. We develop multi-level, long-term relationships with our partner-organisations to keep them connected to relevant areas of our programs.

Beyond the programs our partnership continues through our Corporate Relations services. Through the support of a dedicated Corporate Relations Director, we provide ongoing advice and information about activities that could be relevant and valuable to individual organisations. Our AIEE team often develops close relationships with business colleagues in our partner organisations, through, for example active collaborative research activities. According to their interests, we may make introductions to and connections with leading faculty and research centres in different disciplines beyond a program. We provide a corporate relations program of thought-leadership events, masterclasses and webinars that will convene an international and diverse range of corporate partners and provide them with latest knowledge and thinking from AIEE research and faculty.

The Value of Our Customised Programs
Your executives will develop the critical skills and industry insights that not only advance your organisation’s business objectives, but also empower each individual to be more effective at many levels from overall strategic thinking and decision making to day-to-day management.

Executives will return to their roles with:

  • Greater business knowledge that expands their capacity to contribute to the organisation’s goals
  • A stronger sense of purpose that prompts them to refocus on priorities and inspires them to make a bigger impact on the organisation
  • A shared understanding of the organisation’s specific challenges and objectives in the context of your industry and the global economy
  • New skills, frameworks, and tools for analysis, decision-making, and leadership
  • Improved networking skills resulting in better communication and cohesive vision across the organisation
  • Strategies for continuing to learn and develop themselves as leaders
  • Broader perspective, informed by greater exposure to multiple functions, departments, and cultures

Delivery Methods
AIEE offers one or more flexible delivery methods:

  • Face-to-face
  • Online
  • Workshops
  • Block training
  • Workplace based training
  • Distance
  • Blended (combination of self-paced and face-to-face)

All AIEE programs are offered to be delivered in Australia and overseas countries (offshore delivery).

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