TVET College of Australia

TVET College of Australia (TVET) is a Vocational Senior High School Institution. TVET’s Program offers Year 11 and 12 students a two-year program, the aim being to provide an alternative pathway for students whose needs are outside the current school curriculum. TVET College of Australia provides five key streams to enhance learning and future employment or further study options for students.

The five streams are:

  1. Retail Operations
  2. Hospitality and Tourism
  3. Community and Children’s Services
  4. Beauty Therapy
  5. Fitness, Sports and Recreation

TVET College of Australia’s program is aimed toward the completion of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) for each student. Our program uses a personally tailored selection of Core, Preparatory and Enrichment courses for each student including national recognised Vocational Education and training (VET) qualifications.

Students are not required to attend a traditional Queensland public or private high school when enrolled with TVET College of Australia. Students must still enrol with a high school to achieve 1 Core Credit Point however this will be achieved through enrolment in a Queensland School of Distance Education to complete a minimum of one Queensland school curriculum subject.

TVET College of Australia’s qualified teachers provide high quality individualised learning programs and support students to successfully achieve their Distance Education subject and to maintain the very important teacher-student relationship.

Our program ensures that literacy and numeracy requirements are met, or exceeded, and each student will have the opportunity to complete one or more qualifications at the Certificate II, Certificate III and even Certificate IV level where possible. Students who are showing excellent progress and demonstrating the ability and capacity for further study may be provided with access to selected Diploma level units of competency as part of the TVET College of Australia’s High Achievers Program. All students have access to a range of high level support programs including additional individualised literacy and numeracy support, student counsellor and disability support where required. Our team has one objective – to see every student successfully complete their QCE.

This comprehensive and dynamic program aims to maximise individual potential through our range of vocational and personal enrichment programs to provide the best opportunity for employment, career development and/or further study.

TVET College of Australia’s students will have an opportunity to achieve their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan.

All TVET College of Australia’s qualifications and programs are offered to Australian students, for international students studying in Australia and in overseas countries (offshore delivery).

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