Vetea Australia

Global Training, Leading To World-Class Careers

Vocational Education, Training and Employment Australia Limited (VETEA) is an Australian-owned, public organisation, providing unique partnerships in education, training, employment and skill development services. VETEA is a unique and leading vocational training and employment organisation in Australia.

VETEA’s services provides educational and professional employment services for the life of your career. VETEA’s unique partnerships offers Australian Recognized qualifications and short courses, employment consultation, career-planning and ongoing skills development. It’s the pathway to every stage of your future career.

VETEA is moving and partnering with the globalisation of vocational education and training with Australia’s high standards of educational excellence. Australia has an excellent reputation and a long history for delivering a high standard of education and is highly sourced and recognised internationally. Australia has the second-best quality of life in the world, measured by the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index 2015, a summary measure of life expectancy, education and standards of living across 188 countries.

Australia is leading the world in vocational education and training, with VETEA along with our partners are looking to share our experience, skills, and knowledge with the world. VETEA is the international parent organisation of many specialised training, education, employment and skills development institutions. VETEA is uniquely positioned to support and guide learners and employers around the world in achieving their career, organisational and commercial goals.

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